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Paranormal Photos Reassessed

Using various photo programs fine layers of shading and lighting are lifted from original or semi-original photos of paranormal activity. Photos have reveled that there are hidden or you can also say subliminal 

ghost images that can be extracted. These images are like evp's but in photo or imagery.

When a picture is taken we see the image and interpret its' meaning, reasoning, and gain knowledge. But beyond that the subconscious mind does not have these reasoning skills. When the image is received it is taken as the truth and stored for future reference. Subliminal messages carries no judgment between right from wrong, there are no boundaries. Considered a paranormal photo with a subliminal message or second image. This secondary image can be negative or positive. Again it is stored away, frankly this can be dangerous.

Is there proof? Well that's my current research. Not to validate, not to seek or find, but to reveal. The relevance of where the ghost, spirit, light being (or in other communications; evp's, touch) or other 

paranormal influence is filtrating into this world. This is the significant reasoning behind finding the truth of paranormal activity. Regardless of what type of activity, it is now classified as paranormal. Now what?

Now we do the real research. Finding out why. Why are they filtering into this dimension? Are we calling 

on them? Are they waiting for something? What are they waiting for? I just say they are 'left behind'. Regardless of the situation the light being has not rested. As photos are taken we can slowly lift the layers 

of light, shadows, etc. to expose the rest of the story. Maybe through some enlightenment we can help the light being to rest. Maybe this is our job. Maybe through our wisdom and understanding we can bring clarity to the reality of the spiritual world.

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